What is Low Caliber?

Low Caliber was born out of frustration with the perfectly curated content our generation seems to push out at an impressive speed. As three close high school friends who had come to view each other's lives from the highlight reel point of view, we realized there were a lot of aspects of each other's lives we were missing out on– parts of each other we used to know so well. On the internet today, it is hard to find the roots of reality. Everything is filtered, edited and promoted. We founded Low Caliber as a space to embrace the unedited, the nitty gritty parts of existence that no one wants to acknowledge. 

Low Caliber is a testament to the failures and rejections. The bad dates. The low scores. We hope this magazine will allow us to accept the imperfections of life. Please see our submit page to join us in embracing life's imperfections.