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5 Cocktail Recipes

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

From The Perfect Wine Spritzer To Make You Tell Your Best Friends You Love Them,

 To The Perfect Cocktail To Make You Call Up Your Ex

Article by Gracie Alvarez


Everybody likes a good night-in every once in a while. Whether you’re alone in your bed with a bottle of cheap wine, or on the ratty couch in your living room with the roommates that you’re not that close with but can tolerate if there’s an extra large bottle of Barefoot involved, we can all agree it’s a nice midweek indulgence.  

However, there’s something about drinking the same wine or cheap 6-pack week after week that can make your coveted night-in lose its shine over time. Here are 5 drink recipes to make your night a little more exciting; choose your drink wisely based on your desired outcome. 

Disclaimer: The research used in this article comes from an in-depth personal case study done over the course of 5 years. The science has some statistical error based upon the fact the researcher was inebriated for the majority of the research.

1. The Call-Your-Best-Friends-and-Tell-Them-You-Love-Them Spritzer

This drink is perfect for when you just want a fun, chill night in; not one that ends in throwing up, crying, or regrettable decisions. It’ll get you tipsy enough to want to tell your best friends you love and miss them but not drunk enough for it to be weird. You can drink a few of these while watching some bad reality TV and still remember to do your skincare routine before bed.


4 oz chilled wine of your choice

2 oz sprite

1 splash of fruit juice

Garnish (if desired)


Combine all ingredients over ice and garnish as desired. You can garnish with pieces of fruit such as watermelon, cherries, strawberries, etc or with a wedge of citrus. Make sure to put a sprig of mint in it too if you’re taking a picture to show off to people.

2. Responding-to-Instagram-Stories-like-They’re-Personally-Targeted-to-You Martini

This drink will make you feel sophisticated even when you’re wearing your rattiest sweatpants. It goes well with a Wes Anderson movie, or any other pretentiously-directed film of your choice. Be careful going on social media too much when you’re sipping one of these though; after a few martinis, you’ll be swiping up on the girl you played soccer with in middle school’s Snapchat story to tell her you guys “neeeeed to catch up!!” or responding to your second cousin’s slightly insensitive tweet and telling him exactly why he’s wrong. 


2 oz vodka 

1 oz dry vermouth or any flavored liqueur (Triple Sec or fruit-flavored Schnapps will make it sweeter)


1 slice lemon peel


Mix vodka, vermouth, and ice together. Strain into a glass (chilled glass works best). This would be best served in a martini glass but, truthfully, very few young adults keep martini glasses on hand. Squeeze lemon peel over the drink to infuse the flavor and then drop the peel into the glass. Go ahead and put on a pair of blue-light glasses to add to the pretentiousness of it all if you have them. 

3. Learning-TikTok-Dances-and-Filming-Them-When-Really-You’re-Way-Too-Old-to-

Be-Doing-That Slushie

Drinking an alcoholic slushie is a vibe in itself; combining the summer 7-11 treat from when you were little with liquor feels a little bit wrong. The best thing to do is tell yourself you’re just paying homage to your inner child. Alcoholic slushies can taste so good that you forget you’re drinking at all. This one will have you deciding you have the potential to be a TikTok star and might lead you down a rabbit hole of youtube dance tutorials. Just make sure to delete the evidence when you wake up the next morning and it’ll be like it never even happened. 


1 cup frozen strawberries

½ cup lemonade

⅓ cup vodka

½ cup ice cubes


Blend all ingredients together until smooth. Add lemonade and ice as needed to help blend into slushie consistency. If you have one of those brightly colored bendy, crazy straws, go ahead and add it to your glass.

4. Messaging-Your-Ex-or-That-Tinder-Boy-You-Talked-To-and-Swore-Off Jungle Juice

This drink is for when you’ve had an especially long day. You don’t want to spend an hour sipping a drink that doesn’t taste great, like a martini, or chugging wine until you feel it. You’re trying to feel drunk and relax as soon as possible. It might end with you making some questionable choices but you aren’t worried about it. You’re staying home in your apartment, what’s the worst that could happen? 


4 oz vodka

2 oz white rum

⅓ cup fruit punch

⅓ cup orange juice

⅓ cup cranberry juice

Sliced fruit of your choice (optional)


Mix all ingredients together. If it doesn’t look like enough alcohol for 3 or 4 drinks instead of 1 when you add the liquor, add more.

5. Getting-In-An-Uber-at-2AM-To-Go-To-Your-Ex’s-Place Long Island Iced Tea

Last but not least, the long island iced tea. This is for when you’ve had a horrible day and you aren’t trying to mess around with weak, fruity cocktails. You are ready to drink and forget all the stupid things your coworkers did or the people in your school group-project messed up. This is your me-time, and you are going to spend it as messed up as you want. All it takes is one or two of these drinks and you’ll be doing all the things your friends would be disappointed in you for if they knew. Drink at your own risk. 


1 oz vodka

1 oz gin

1 oz white rum

1 oz triple sec or other liqueur

2 tbs lemon juice

½ cup cola beverage (to taste)

½ cup ice


Mix all ingredients together and make sure to give your roommate your car keys to lock away before you take your first sip.


Gracie Alvarez is a Low Caliber co-founder. She is currently studying journalism and political science. In her free time, Gracie can be found curating flower arrangements or finding the best spots to have a good time. You can track her adventures on her Instagram @grace.alv

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