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7 Coffee Shops You'll Be Obsessed With

by Rae Anwar

I don’t think anything validates my coffee obsession more than my abundant and unnecessary knowledge of coffee shops in the Little Rock/Conway area. I’ve gone to many coffee shops for a variety of occasions, to the point where I’ve found which atmospheres at coffee shops work best for certain situations. Never again will you have to suffer through another hardcore study session at a coffee shop with screaming coffee machines and an overcrowded seating area. If you want to know all about the perfect coffee spots for a meet-up with a friend, a casual date, a study session, or a night out, then keep reading to see my picks on the 7 best coffee shops in LR and Conway.

Mugs Cafe, NLR

Mugs is the perfect brunch spot for a catch-up session with friends or family, or a casual date. It has a very homey feel, with art displayed on every wall and a cute brick wall interior. I’ve come here countless times to catch up with friends and cram for finals. It’s definitely one of my favorites and is a perfect option for so many occasions. My personal favorite drink is the chai latte!

Dark Side Coffee Co, NLR

This coffee shop definitely wins for Most Creative Coffee Shop Theme. With clever Star Wars themed drinks and a basically never-ending list of flavors to choose from, Dark Side is the perfect choice for when you’re craving something different from your standard latte. Whether you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan, or just someone who wants to try something different from the ordinary, this is without a doubt the place for you. My favorite drink is the Chewy :)

Mylo Coffee Co, LR

Mylo, similarly to Mugs, is very versatile and can be great for plenty of occasions, including casual dates and study sessions. However, a common outcome of being a popular Little Rock coffee shop with good coffee and a convenient location, is that it can get pretty crowded. So, I’d suggest bringing some soundproof headphones if you’re looking to cram for a test. My favorite Mylo drink: London fog.

River City Coffee, LR

River City is one of the cutest coffee shops I’ve found so far in Little Rock. From the record player in the corner, to the stack of games by the window, to the comfy chairs and the art all over the walls, they’ve definitely mastered that homey, cozy feel that makes you never want to leave. I love coming here for catch-up dates with friends and family. However, I wouldn’t recommend bringing a group larger than 2-3 people, because while this shop is cozy and cute, it’s very limited in size. My favorite drink is the iced caramel latte they put coffee ice cubes in all their iced lattes and it’s amazing.

One Eleven at the Capital, LR

One Eleven is perfect for an upscale brunch or dinner coffee. It’s very fitting for a pick-me-up before a night out or a fancy date. The best thing about One Eleven is that it’s located in the Capital Hotel, making it the perfect last stop after a dinner at the Capital Bar & Grill, or a brunch at One Eleven. My favorite drink is tied between the cafe miel and coconut cream latte.

Zeteo Coffee, LR + Conway

Zeteo is another cute coffee shop for casual dates and catch-ups. It’s similar to Mugs and Mylo but with a different vibe. It’s very minimalistic, clean and modern, with practically everything painted white. The food items are a bit pricier than your standard coffee shop, but I’d say it’s worth it for their avocado toast. My go-to at Zeteo is the caramel macchiato.

Blue Sail Coffee, LR + Conway

Blue Sail is a great chill spot for a study session or casual meet up. Their atmosphere is very mellow and calm. They have a unique selection of drinks, including lavender and honey lattes, along with a great selection of teas, with London fog, chai, and oolong just being a few. They sell a lot of cool items, too, like honey made from native Mountain View bees, and some classic baked goods. My favorite drink is the lavender latte!

Bonus: Think Coffee, Conway

Think Coffee has just recently come into my life, but has quickly climbed its way up to becoming one of my all-time favorite coffee shops. I’ll always stop by for a quick pick-me-up before classes or work. The names of all their drinks are creative and fun, and they have a great variety of flavors. They currently have two locations in Conway, one being drive-thru only, and the other with very limited seating, but the day they size up to a big coffee shop will probably be the happiest day of my life. My favorite drink: the Brain Buzz

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