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“Hang-xiety: a reflection on the cycle”

-anonymous submission 

It starts with some chugged beers, a poorly spiked drink

Then a few outfit changes, makeup touch-ups, and final perfume spritz.

A few anxious butterflies about what the night will hold

Quickly kill them off with a shot or two.

Going out is a blur.

It looks like loud music, carefree dancing, and cheap drinks.

Getting home is a blank.

Throwing up, passing out. 

A blank. 

But waking up is a flood of stimuli

Pounding headache, too bright lights, and ringing notifications

A million anxious butterflies about what the previous night held. 

Can’t get rid of them. 

It’s a pit in your stomach

Nervous about what might have happened and who might have seen

A different kind of shame from stories, bruises unknown 

Need to forget that feeling.

A few days later, 

that twisted anxiety pushed to the back of your mind

Busy with apologies, make-ups, assignments, work

Another night out couldn’t really hurt.

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