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Temporary Spaces, Familiar Faces

Photo Essay by Olivia Evans


Last week, I moved into a sublet for the summer with three of my college friends. After three long months of living apart, we were excited to move back in together– in a place we had never lived before. It feels much different than the campus housing we usually spend time together in, but the togetherness is still there. 

This was taken on a Sunday morning before we went to suntan at the lakefront park. My roommate Melina put on a dress over her swimsuit and I asked to take her picture in front of the bright lighting in my room. We read, listened to the new Haim album and ate strawberries. 

This was taken on the first evening I spent in the sublet. There is a landing right outside our backdoor with a great view. I have found myself lingering in this space  for pausing moments as I make my way out the door for a run or an errand. 

Boiling pasta and grilling chicken after a day of cleaning up. The evening breeze made the gas burners crackle every now and then and wafted summer scents throughout the sublet. 

A lazy afternoon of watching Cake Boss reruns and blasting the fans. Sadly, our sublet has no air conditioning. I caught Melina laughing at something on her phone. 

Working from home.  While everyone else was intensely focusing, I take a break on Pinterest. Our Clorox wipes have become a beloved fifth roommate.

I realized spreading my plants throughout my room was not conducive to watching them grow– so I put them in front of my open window and admired them while kids rode their bikes back and forth below. 

A Monday morning coffee run from a spot on campus we'd never typically go to because it’s too far– now from our sublet, it only takes two minutes to walk to. My roommate Erika and I spent the morning sipping our lattes and reading each other funny tweets. 

In summer 2020, it is hard to think of anything as permanent. Every day brings a new worrying news headline or inconsistency. However, it is important to reflect on the stability and, while temporary, our sublet feels like something to find peace in.


Olivia Evans is a Low Caliber co-founder. She is currently studying journalism and film. You can find her trying to be artsy on her low quality Instagram @oliviaevans13

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