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Visually Obsessed

Photos and Words by Millicent Fambrough


I find myself drawn to beauty naturally. Nature being the most beautiful thing to catch my eye. The natural world is organic as it has no clear pathway. It is not defined by rules. Like vines the natural beauty of things are not balanced. Structures jutting from the ground rapping and contorting to find the light above. As I take in everything around me, the depths of organic matter take my eye to nooks and crannies. Bouncing back from the shadows to the light illuminating the colors of the brambles. The grapevine of my family's garden plays through my mind as I take a perfumed mountain laurel in my hand. The one reminding me of the other.


 The bonnets are soft, silky, and delicate to my eye. For some reason I must have a handful of bonnets for my pocket. A habit of childhood that’s not left me yet.

Is that obsession?

Sure I guess so.

Much like the sweetest bonnets of the mountain laurel I am draw to the orange and gold of glittery fins that glide through ponds in gardens.


The koi fish is said to grant good luck. These slippery glistening beings of the water always have my eyes fascinated. Guardians of the garden they slide by each other in a floating world just as organic as the brambles.

Lilies breaking the glass like surfaces with a bust of color. The fins are opaque in an interesting way I find my eye drawing down the gentle lengths. The scales remind me of precious metals. Golden, orange, white, gray and black a mix of bodies pushing through towards the pellets leaving my hand hitting the water below. I think to myself how beautiful it must be to be a koi fish.

Unlike the bonnets in my pocket I can not take the fish with me, “a photo will have to due”.

The koi fish show up in my photography, in my artwork, and on some skins of the men I have loved. It follows me

and I recognize that this may be a visual obsession of mine.


Milicent Fambrough is a contemporary artist and writer from San Antonio, Texas. You can find her @milicent210 on Instagram

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